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    Life has gotten crazy for me. So I have to put my website tutorial posts on hold. I’ll try my best to stick to the rest of my schedule. Stay tuned to hear when I get back on track.

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    Take a Break: A Note of Encouragement

    ‘ello. If you participated in National Novel Writing Month (Nano, or Nanowrimo) you are probably exhausted. Even if you didn’t I’m sure you have been working hard. I want say just one thing to you all: It is okay to take a break. Especially around the holidays it can be hard to fit in your writing time. You might find a stolen hour here or there to write or edit, but they are few and far between. But remember: It is okay to take a break. The words you write come from your mind, and if your mind is not healthy, you cannot write. So taking a break will help…

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    Pep Talks: A Note of Encouragement

    I do not Nano. I have tried several times and I always fail. So I have accepted that I cannot Nano. But I still participate. And I still love all of the resources that they have. In fact, whether you Nano or not, you should check out the Pep Talks on the Nano website.

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    It’s Not a Competition: A Note of Encouragement

    One of the things I love most about the writing community is that we all help and lift each other. When I need help, encouragement, or just someone to talk to who understands–my writer friends are there. It is not like a retail company. One has to work to be better to beat out the competition. Writing is different. All creative endeavors are different. Because it is not a competition. Annika Spalding composed a beautiful and inspiring blog post on this subject. Go read it. I hope it inspires you, too.

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    Introducing Chelsea Hale

    October’s Indie Spotlight is Chelsea Hale: “Chelsea loves to travel to real and imaginary places. During the summer she grows a massive garden, and during the winter she enjoys an escape to some place warm. She is passionate about Broadway musicals, singing, and capturing life through a 50 mm lens. She bakes homemade whole wheat bread and blends delicious green smoothies. In her spare time, she loves to read and write.  She is married to her Prince Charming, and enjoys living her happily ever after on a daily basis. They have 4 children and live near the Rocky Mountains.” Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

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    Catch Up Review and What to Expect Next

    ‘ello, since it appears I missed the August review post, this will cover August and September. Also, I talk about what I have planned next. Finished up my Author Website in 10 Easy Steps series, and posted a review to help you easily access the information. I also talked about what to do if you are still overwhelmed by the website thing. Life happened. I lost someone close to me in August, and it derailed me. I’m back on track now. I was presented with many opportunities, which mean I will have less time to give this blog for a short while. The author memes, and encouraging notes, and indie…

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    Bonus Randomness from Krista

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I should write next. I have a series that needs one more book. I have the first book in a series ready to release but I’m not sure I want to be tied to it for the next little while. And I’d like to try something different like a romance, or something meatier like a full-length fantasy novel. So, do I go with my obligation to finish my series? Do I publish that first book and then feel obligated to work on that series? Or do I write what I want to? But you see, I would like my writing to make…

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