Wisdom from Neil Gaiman: A Note of Encouragement

Power to the Pencil: I Want to be an author when I group up. Am I insane? Neil Gaiman:

This is one of my favorite quote/memes that I see floating around the web-i-sphere. Why do I like it so much? Because of the many layers of truth that there is to it.

What I find very encouraging about it is the comparison that Gaimon makes. Being an adult is hard, but usually not all that rewarding. Writing, and self-publishing, are also hard. Sometimes we don’t get the money we hoped, or the fans we thought we would get. Our work is not always well received.

It’s still worth it.

For me, the act of writing, and work of self-publishing are reward enough for me. Of course, we all want to have money and fans. But they are not necessary to be an author.

So, if your journey starts to become insurmountable just follow this simple tip: Stop growing up and just write.

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