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An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps: Overview

‘ello, and welcome to An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps.We’ll start with a brief overview and then in following weeks I’ll discuss each step individually. After that I will be adding supplemental posts to further explain parts of some of the steps, and give you more tools to complete them.


At the end of the 10 step series you will have a functional author website. Up and running and ready for readers and fans to visit.

Why 10 Easy Steps?

I have heard so many authors say that they can’t afford to pay someone to build a website for them. And that they can’t do it on their own. So they just don’t have one. I want to fix that problem. If you follow these 10 steps you will have a website.

Now, I know that some of you may still be overwhel

med. But that is okay. All you need to do is try. If you do one of two things will happen: 1) you will surprise yourself and end up with a beautiful website OR 2) know for sure you can’t do it on your own.

Either way, trying is beneficial. And some of the steps in the process will help even if you have to call in someone else to complete the website. Later I’ll give some tips and guidance on that score.

The Steps

As each step becomes available it will be linked below.

  1. Name It
  2. Claim It
  3. Pick It
  4. Host It
  5. Design It
  6. Build It
  7. Fill It
  8. Polish It
  9. Publish It
  10. Maintain It

Writer, mother, coder, nerd. I have more than ten years of experience in software and web development. And I have a series of middle-grade fantasy books that I self-published. I am passionate about self-publishing and believe that anyone can do it. Elegantly Self Published is my blog dedicated to sharing my knowledge so that you can do just that.

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