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Interview with Anna Del C Dye

Anna Del C Dye and Husband‘ello, today I am going to interview the lovely Anna Del C Dye, our Indie Spot Light for May. When I first talked to Anna about spotlighting her, I asked if she would tell me a bit about how she decided to self-publish. She replied that her husband does most of the work outside of writing. I wanted to learn more about this amazing husband-wife duo, and so, I asked her some questions about how that all worked for them.

Was it your husband’s idea for you to publish?

Yes, one day he said:

“I have looked at our options and this is what I found.” He presented me with a list of publishing houses. Until then, I hadn’t really thought of it, though I’m sure I would have loved the opportunity.

How did he get started with all that?

We chose a nice publishing company and he planned to submit all my books there. When we didn’t have a great time with my second book with them that changed. Many setbacks with book two of the Silent Warrior Trilogy required months after the day I wanted it published to arrive on the market. They did much better on the third book, out of guilt, and “The Silent Warrior Trilogy” was finished. The fourth book in my Elf Series we went with a small press and they did a lot to help promote the book. But then the market changed and we moved to Create Space.

Did you try traditional publishing first?

We did, but, I knew nothing about this process or how to find information. That was before everyone knew how to use Google. At sixty, I’m not that technology savvy, but I do ok. Nothing to compare to my grandkids. So, he thought of small presses, because he didn’t like vanity press

In what ways does your husband support you?

In most ways:

He has dress as an Elf to be with me in The Renaissance fair, when we promoted my Elf Series. Ears and long hair. (We are talking of a full-blown cowboy who did that for me.)

Took sword classes with me, so I could learn how to fight and use it in my battles. (He still takes them)

Anna's Husband at Renaissance Fair

He learned the process to publish my books with small presses.

He later learned how to submit my books to self-publish on Amazon.

He learned how to make Kindles, Nock, e-pubs and every electronic way to publish books.

He learned how to fix the drawings and especial letters I like to use in the beginning of my chapters. (It was quite a process to keep them the way we wanted them to look like.)

He does my accounting and keeps tracks of taxes and such.

He pays my artist, cover designer and editors and never asks me why or say its too much.

He accompanies me to my presentations and sets up the computer for me.

He does the first edit of all my books,.

He learned how to make a website for me and keeps it up to date.

He added a blog to my website on which I post most days.

He plays dummy when I need to fix a wig or try a new costume. (He puts them on for me.)

He actively promotes my books when in conferences or events.

He lets me attend two chapter meetings a month and lets me host one at our home.

He doesn’t mind when I become chapter president or vice-president.

He edits all my interviews and long posts, just to make sure I don’t write something weird.

So if you look at it that way, it is a partnership.

Does he have to keep you on schedule for releasing books? Or does he more just make the books happen once they are done?

I decide when a book is published. I have to give him a few weeks to have it all done so I take that into consideration of when I want it published. He does his magic and my books come alive.

Tell me a little bit about how you both started

this journey together.

It all started when he made me write books… He said my imagination was going to kill him. To channel it into writing. Then he edited my books to proper English, (English is my second language) and the rest is history.

We would laugh at the words I used, after he explained to me why it was the wrong word. And then we had the “how do you spell this? Or that” while he tried to edit one book and I wrote another.

Then he complained I was writing too fast for him to keep up. (One every two months.) Those were just growing pains or as he put it: “I created a monster.”

We do have our differences of opinions here and there but usually we work together quite well.


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