An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps

Step 4: Host It

An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps: Step 4: Host It

Now that you have decided if you are going with Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress (and BlueHost or SiteGround), it is time to set up your account. And get your site hosted.

I’ve decided to break this down into two sections. First, if you went with something like Weebly (a website builder), and second if you went with WordPress. The steps are essentially the same. But there will be minor differences.

 Website Builders

On Wix look for the “Get Started” button. Weebly asks if you want to do a store or a website. Click on the “Website” button. (Or online store, if you want to do that. It’s a little more advanced though. On Squarespace, you can click “Create a Site” or “Start a Free trial.”

Note: The sites may change. If you can’t find the buttons/links I mention specifically, look for something similar.

This will get you into the free hosting version of most of these sites. You can later upgrade to a premium account. Or you can click on “Pricing” or “Plans” and start right out with premium. The nicest feature of premium accounts is you can use your own url instead of something like

After that, you will have to choose a theme and possibly answer some questions. You will also be prompted to enter your website name. If you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, don’t worry. I will be posting specific tutorials for each of the sites I recommend.

Go ahead and pick a theme, play around with the interface so you get a feel for it. But don’t worry about setting everything up yet. We’ll do that in the following steps.


The process for WordPress is similar. You will need to go to your chosen host (such as SiteGround) and purchase your WordPress hosting package. You will be asked to choose a website name, use the one you picked in step 1. You should be prompted to create an admin username and password. Then be taken to your admin dashboard. You can also reach it from www.[yourwebsitename].com/wp-admin.

That is all you need to do for now. If you want you can look at the themes. Or click on things in the dashboard to get see what is available.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed at this point. I’ll be doing a WordPress tutorial later on that will be going step by step. In that tutorial, I’ll cover what plugins you might want to add.


If you are feeling brave or confident you can start looking designing your website. I’ll offer some good pointers in the next few steps if you get stuck. But that’s basically it for now.

Happy wording.

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