Month Review

June Review and What’s Coming Next

June In Review

Here is an overview of what happened on the blog in June, just in case you missed anything or want a handy way to reference all of it.

Coming Up in July

I’m going to continue my An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps series in June. Here is a sneak peek at what I have planned.

  • Indie Spotlight: Lisa Swinton
  • We’ll go over the next 3 steps of the An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps series.
  • And hopefully a little extra awesomeness

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Writer, mother, coder, nerd. I have more than ten years of experience in software and web development. And I have a series of middle-grade fantasy books that I self-published. I am passionate about self-publishing and believe that anyone can do it. Elegantly Self Published is my blog dedicated to sharing my knowledge so that you can do just that.

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