An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps

Step 6: Build It

Now it’s time to talk all the work you have done an put it into your website. Using your design and the information you have compiled to include in your site–put it all together.

If this seems overwhelming at first, don’t worry. I’ve broken down this process into two steps. For now, you can just focus on getting the structure of your site together. Create each page, get the theme and colors just the way you want it. You can worry about adding the content later.

Because each platform is different, the steps for actually building your website will be different. Down the road, I hope to create some tutorials for setting up a basic author website on all the major platforms. But until then, here are some YouTube tutorials I found. You can also search YouTube. Just make sure you have a recent one by adding the current year to your search (“Wix Tutorial 2018”).

WordPress Configuration Tutorial

WordPress Tutorial

Wix Tutorial

Weebly Tutorial

SquareSpace Tutorial

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