Introducing Jason Stanley

I am happy no announce this month’s Indie Spotlight:

Jason Stanley.

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Please Note: Jason’s books are for adult readers.

Here is what he has to say about himself:

How can I write about a Black woman in the Los Angeles hood?
I grew up there.

Born to a single mother on welfare in the county hospital, we bounced around a lot; always in the hood and often in the government housing projects. Also, in an interracial marriage for thirty-five years, I’ve developed a perspective with some unique insights.

The language in the hood changes almost daily, but the people . . . they remain exactly the same.

As the only boy in the family I was surrounded by women. My mother’s house was where the neighborhood women gathered to talk. If you have ever been around that type of situation, you know how little boys become invisible and the women talk about anything and everything. If women talk about it, I’ve heard it. That helps me write from a woman’s perspective.

I lived in two worlds: the women inside and the guys outside. The guys tried to impress each other by acting tough. The women wasted a lot of time talking about the idiot moves the guys did.

As adults, many of my childhood friends went to jail. I stayed out, wore a badge and gun, and occasionally ran into old acquaintances in the system.

We vacationed in Asia in 2005, and stayed for over ten years. The things Michelle talks about are based on my real experiences and people I met. Of course, I never did any of the ninja stuff.

Please Note: Jason’s books are for adult readers.










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