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Introducing Heidi Ashworth

I am happy no announce this month’s Indie Spotlight:

Heidi Ashworth

Please Note: Heidi’s books are for readers 16+.

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From Heidi: I have always wanted to be a novelist/author. I started writing when I was very young but was not published until I was 44. My first book was traditionally published about 14 years after I had written it. The day that my editor called to buy my book was one of the most amazing days of my life. Since then–2009– I have been both traditionally and self-published, and have 11 titles. I write Regency-set romances and mysteries. It has been a fun ride!

A Brief History:

7 years old–Heidi writes her first story.  Its’s a hit (with Mom).
10 years old–since her sisters are big Georgette Heyer/Jane Austen fans,
she writes a first “regency romance”.  Even though she dedicated it to her
eldest sister who longed to visit England, she didn’t let anyone read it
(probably a good idea).
14 years old–she publishes a short story in the kids section of the San Jose
Mercury News.  She begins experimenting with pen names but in the end
decides to stick with her own.
Age 25-29–she writes a number of regency romance novels, (one of which
later becomes Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind)
Age 30–decides to devote her time to her favorite roles of wife and mother,
dabbles in the antiques and collectibles market and plants a flower garden.
Age Withheld–at the encourgement of a true blue friend, she submits Miss
Delacourt Speaks Her Mind to Avalon Books and sells it!
Shortly Thereafter–she starts a blog and a website and has a really big party!

Please Note: Heidi’s books are for readers 16+.

Writer, mother, coder, nerd. I have more than ten years of experience in software and web development. And I have a series of middle-grade fantasy books that I self-published. I am passionate about self-publishing and believe that anyone can do it. Elegantly Self Published is my blog dedicated to sharing my knowledge so that you can do just that.

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