Mission Statement: To provide the tools, knowledge, skills, and resources need so that everyone can self-publish. To embolden and encourage indie authors to get their words out there. To entertain, inform, educate, and connect all in the self-publishing network.


I, the founder, created this blog because I kept hearing: “Oh, I could never self-publish. I’m not smart/skilled/resourceful enough.”  Every time someone spoke those words, something inside want to jump out and says in response: “But you can! Let me show you.” And so finally, I thought maybe I should just do that. That’s how Elegantly Self-Published was born.

It’s starting small, but I hope someday it will be a central location for connecting and resources for all indie authors.


My name is Krista, and I am the face and voice behind Elegantly Self-Published. I started my journey down the path of independent publication in 2005 with my very first book: Dragons’ Trust Book 1: Trusted, a middle-grade fantasy adventure. I knew very little about what it meant to published a book myself. But I had a network of friends that did, a background in software and web development, and a desire to learn.

I have tried and failed, and sometimes succeeded at many things, in indie publishing and in life in general. And every day I realize that even though I have so much I can teach others, I have to keep learning myself. My ultimate goal is to inspire others to self-publish and grow together as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has at least one book in them. Those stories, those books, deserve to be shared, to be out there entertaining, inspiring, and affecting people.

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Writer, mother, coder, nerd. I have more than ten years of experience in software and web development. And I have a series of middle-grade fantasy books that I self-published. I am passionate about self-publishing and believe that anyone can do it. Elegantly Self Published is my blog dedicated to sharing my knowledge so that you can do just that.

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