• Random Thoughts

    What Draws on Our Time: A Semi-Random Thought

    I’ve been very busy lately. There are so many things in the wings for me to work I often find myself up late and night, tired, and feeling overwhelmed. In the midst of all this work to launch this blog, start my own business, and survive my life in general–I haven’t had time to write. The final book in my series is languishing away while I attend to all the other things drawing on my time. Slowly I’m learning to limit the demands on my time so that I can focus on what is most important to me. Not everyone can have writing be their full-time profession. I certainly wanted…

  • Websites

    Do I Need an Author Website?

    The short answer is: yes. In today’s digital age, having a website is a mark of legitimacy and proficiency. Go are the days of phone books and paper directories. Here are some of the main reasons why you need a website: Connectability What do you think your readers do (especially the up and coming generations) when they want more information about you? Yep. They look for your website. A website is the central location readers can use to connect with and learn about you and your books. Readers can: Follow you on Social Media Contact you See all your books and where they can buy them Subscribe to your mailing…

  • Websites

    About Me and Why I Know So Much About Websites

    ‘ello, I’m Krista and I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself and tell announce the first topic I will be covering: Author Websites.   About Me For over a decade I worked as a website developer. What that really boils down to is that for more than ten years I went to work every day and built websites. Most of the websites I worked on were far more complex than your average author website, but many of the concepts were the same. The most important thing is that I know the language of websites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP (among others). I consider myself a website guru. After…

  • Encouragment

    The Best Writing Advice I’ve Read: A Note of Encouragement

    There is a lot of writing advice out there. Some of it is good, some of it is bad. And every once in a while I find something that is a gem. While I was researching inspiration for my “A Note of Encouragement” series, I stumbled upon an article by Jeff Elkins on TheWritePractice.com. And it was unlike any other writing advice I had ever heard before. I meant to just skim the article and file it away to be read in detail later. But I finished the whole thing. When I was finished, I took a deep breath and said to myself: I can do this. You can do…

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    Questions? Let Me Know

    When I was first taking the leap into the Indie Publishing world, I had so many questions. I was lucky to have an amazing network of friends that helped me through the process. Many of them had already walked the path I was on and willingly shared their knowledge with me. So, in the spirit of sharing information, I would like to know: What questions do you have about self-publishing? Leave a comment, or send me a message, I’ll respond as soon as I can. There may even be a post about it in the future.

  • Author Interview

    An Interview with Marsha Ward

       Please introduce yourself. Tell us a little about the person behind the pen. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but now I live on a back road near a creek in a little valley hamlet beneath a mountain ridge. My children are all grown, and since I’m a widow, I have all the solitude I need for writing. Phoenix was a small town when I was growing up with a chicken coop and an orange grove and lots of room to roam. After school, I would bake a pan or two of sugar cookies, take them across the street, and entertain my congregated girlfriends with my latest story. That…

  • Indie Author Spotlight

    Introducing Marsha Ward

    I am proud to introduce Elegantly Self-Published very first Indie Author Spotlight: Marsha Ward writes authentic historical fiction set in 19th Century America. She was born in the sleepy little town of Phoenix, Arizona, in a simpler time. With plenty of room to roam among the chickens and citrus trees, Marsha enjoyed playing with neighborhood chums, but always had her imaginary friend, cowboy Johnny Rigger Prescott, at her side. Now she makes her home in a forest in the mountains of Arizona. She loves to hear from her readers.     My genre of choice is action adventure 19th Century American historical fiction with a dollop of romance, usually set in…

  • Self Publishing

    DIY Self Publishing

    Have you ever written a book? Bled words onto the page, crafted and sculpted until your story was perfect. That is amazing. Just writing a novel is a mountain of an accomplishment. But then comes the question of what to do with that book that you have invested so much of your time and talent in. Getting an agent is hard. Selling a novel to a publisher is hard. Marketing your book to make sure it sells is hard. Is self-publishing hard? I hear a lot of people say so. But I don’t really agree. In college, I had a professor that was always pushing us to find the best,…

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