• Choosing the Indie Route

    Why I Love Being Self-Published by S.T. Sanchez

    About a year and half ago I decided to take the plunge and begin the journey of Self-Publishing my first novel.  I have heard pros and cons to both traditional and indie publishing. One of the main benefits that drew me to self-publishing was that I would get to make all the decisions, and I retain all the rights. I also knew if I didn’t start now I would never do it.  There is nothing that compares to holding a book you have written in your hand when it’s finally finished. I love having the freedom to go in any direction I like. If I don’t like my cover I…

  • Choosing the Indie Route

    Why I Choose to Go Indie by Lauraine Henderson

    I started writing my first novel in 2013. Juggling taking care of my family, working a full-time job, and keeping up with shopping, laundry, and housework, I worked on my story in the snippets of time available and at the same time, contemplated what I would do with a finished manuscript. I also began an earnest hobby of reading my favorite genre – sweet romance. Having been burned in the past with authors that crossed my own personal line of morality in their writings, I became convinced there was a market for clean literature with captivating happily-ever-afters. I learned about the LDStorymaker’s Writers Conference and determined to attend so I…

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