• Indie Author Spotlight

    Introducing Shauna E. Black

    I am happy no announce this month’s Indie Spotlight: Shauna E. Black smiles a lot. But her appearance can be deceiving. Like the legendary sirens of old, she enjoys luring innocent readers into the stories she creates and trapping them there. As a child, Shauna’s parents recognized her persuasive tendencies and moved her from the coast of Panama to the landlocked safety of Utah to protect innocent sailors. But she found other ways to beguile the unwary. Her home is sprinkled with enchanted wind chimes, spontaneous singing, and the enticing smells of fresh baked bread and cookies. By far her most cherished ploy lies in her passion for writing. From…

  • Indie Author Spotlight

    Introducting Anna del C. Dye

    I am proud to announce this month’s Indie Spotlight: Anna del C. Dye was born in the extreme South (Chile) along some famous beaches. She moved to the USA to marry Rodney and has resided in Utah since then. They are the parents of three princes and a princess. She is a hybrid author and has earned many awards on her Elf Serie and now her Royal Romance Series. Visit her blog. Check her out on Facebook. Anna del C. Dye’s Books                 And many more…

  • Indie Author Spotlight

    Introducing Marsha Ward

    I am proud to introduce Elegantly Self-Published very first Indie Author Spotlight: Marsha Ward writes authentic historical fiction set in 19th Century America. She was born in the sleepy little town of Phoenix, Arizona, in a simpler time. With plenty of room to roam among the chickens and citrus trees, Marsha enjoyed playing with neighborhood chums, but always had her imaginary friend, cowboy Johnny Rigger Prescott, at her side. Now she makes her home in a forest in the mountains of Arizona. She loves to hear from her readers.     My genre of choice is action adventure 19th Century American historical fiction with a dollop of romance, usually set in…

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