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    When it Seems Overwhelming: A Note of Encouragement

    One day I was talking with a good writing friend about how I had so many projects to work on. I had to peck away at each one every day. And I day dreamed about some day being caught up. My friend replied: one bite at a time. And she was write. Any project, and book, is accomplished one little bit at a time. We have to just keep doing those little things, keep writing one word, over and over until we are done. So when you start to feel overwhelmed by every thing just remember:

  • An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps

    Step 8: Polish It

    On every project I work on, whether it is a website or a book, I always take the time to polish it before I call it done. So, when I think I am done I check one more time. I look at every detail again to make sure everything is the way I want it to be. Take a moment to go through your entire site and polish it. Make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to. Remember, your readers (or potential readers) will be seeing this site. It should represent you and your writing.  

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    Introducing Jason Stanley

    I am happy no announce this month’s Indie Spotlight: Jason Stanley. Website ~ Facebook ~ Amazon Please Note: Jason’s books are for adult readers. Here is what he has to say about himself: How can I write about a Black woman in the Los Angeles hood? I grew up there. Born to a single mother on welfare in the county hospital, we bounced around a lot; always in the hood and often in the government housing projects. Also, in an interracial marriage for thirty-five years, I’ve developed a perspective with some unique insights. The language in the hood changes almost daily, but the people . . . they remain exactly…

  • Month Review

    July Review and What’s Coming Next

    July In Review Here is an overview of what happened on the blog in July, just in case you missed anything or want a handy way to reference all of it. Indie Spotlight: Lisa Swinton (Post, Guest Post) We went over the next few steps of the “An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps” series: Step 5: Design It Step 6: Build It Step 7: Fill It Coming Up In August I’ll be finishing up my “An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps” series in August. Here is a sneak peak of what I have planned. Indie Spotlight: Jason Stanley The last 3 steps of the “An Author Website in 10 Easy…

  • An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps

    Step 7: Fill It

    By now you should have the structure of your website laid out. You have a holder for each page, the navigation in, and widgets and such. Now you need to go through each page and add the content. Take your time with this step. You want to make sure each page looks nice and works in different sized browsers. If you have a smartphone, make sure you pull your site on it to make sure it looks good on smaller screens too. Most platforms have what is called a “responsive layout” or “responsive theme” this means it will automatically handle different devices and screen sizes. But it is still best…

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    Bonus Randomness from Krista

    What has been on my mind lately? A lot actually. But how does it relate to writing? Or websites? Or anything really? Life can get in the way. I know that is an odd way to see it. Our life should, after all, be our primary focus in life. Family, work, cooking, cleaning, hobbies, friends, other commitments. Doesn’t it feel like there are so many things pulling us away from what we want to be doing? This kind of leads into balance. Life is a balancing act. I feel like the elements of my life are a house of cards stacked on a shaky table. One wrong move brings the…

  • An Author Website in 10 Easy Steps

    Step 6: Build It

    Now it’s time to talk all the work you have done an put it into your website. Using your design and the information you have compiled to include in your site–put it all together. If this seems overwhelming at first, don’t worry. I’ve broken down this process into two steps. For now, you can just focus on getting the structure of your site together. Create each page, get the theme and colors just the way you want it. You can worry about adding the content later. Because each platform is different, the steps for actually building your website will be different. Down the road, I hope to create some tutorials…

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    Dare to be Indie by Lisa Swinton

    I got into writing on an accident/dare. Some friends formed a critique group and invited me to join in 2009. I’d never had aspirations to be a writer, but went to the first meeting with an idea and agreed to write a first chapter with the caveat that if I wasn’t any good, then they let me know and I’d leave them to write in peace without me. I didn’t want to waste their time or mine. The word came back that the writing was good, and they encouraged me to continue. The rest is history. The decision to go Indie came several years and conferences later. I’d watched author friends…

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